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26 March 2011 @ 01:01 pm
SALE - Gazette, Miyavi, Alice Nine  

I'm selling some magazines ^^
All in great conditions shipping from Europe.


NEO genesis:

Vol 10 - Gazette (cover), Ayabie (back cover), Mucc, Alice Nine, Kagrra, Nightmare, An cafe, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll, 12012 (2 posters, One Gazette the other An cafe both double sidded) - 7 Euros

Vol 12 - Sid (cover), Gara from Merry (back cover), Gazette, An cafe, LM.C., Ayabie, Alice Nine, Nightmare and Vidoll (2 double sided posters, one Gara the other one Sid) - 7 euros


GLARE - The Gazette (24 pages), Merry (12 pages), D, Ayabie, Bidoll, Doremidan, An cafe, Kta, Girugamesh, Rentre en soi, DuelJewel etc.
(Gazette bandscores - REGRET & Filth in the beauty) 1 Gazette Poster - 7 euros


MUSIQ? vol 5 - Gazette, Mucc, ALvino, DuelJewel, AcQuA EP, Kimeru etc - Comes with a DVD (60 minutes) - 7 Euros

The Gazette 2007-2008 Stacked Rubish Tour Panphlet - 25 euros

The Gazette Standing Live Tour 2006 Tour Panphlet - 25 euros

GAZETTE Tour T-shirts

I bought them when I bought the panphlets. One is new never took it out of the plastic, the other one I wore it once

25 euros the first one and 20 the second

All plus shipping. Payment by Paypall