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14 August 2011 @ 05:13 pm
Gothic Lolita clothes for sale!  

Hi everyone!

I need money to stalk v-kei bands and am thus selling some of my clothes^^
The items I have here are almost new!
All plus shipping (shipping from Japan - Tokyo)
All Japanese free size (between 34 and 40 EU size)

Dress - Black and red (wine)

Size: free (max size 40 EU)
NEW (I gained weight so I have never worn this...)

The skirt reaches to the knee and it looks very cute if you have a pannier to go with it. It looks gray in the picture but it's black^^
9000 yen (plus shipping)


Shirt and Vest

Both new. Like the dress I've never worn these since they are a bit small for me now.
The shirt is gorgeous and the fabric very nice (silk mix)
You can take the frills out (both cufs and neck). Size is a large M
The vest is velvet and you can take the lace out. You can also adjust the vest size in the back
Shirt 7000 yen (plus shipping)
Vest 6000 yen (plus shipping)


 tI'm also selling these shoes. They are a 24.5 (Japanese size) but I'm a 40 (EU) and they fit me perfectly.
Almost new! 4500 yen